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Improving the California service upgrade process

June 25, 2024
Plaza Ballroom I II
Electric vehicle and the grid , Utility-scale , Policy and regulation

1:15-2:00 PM PST

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Streamlining the utility interconnection process and enhancing the customer experience is foundational for the adoption of solar and batteries, as well as boosting grid reliability through vehicle-to-grid and virtual power plants.  The service upgrade processes in California are often inefficient, slow, and frustrating for customers and developers who want to interconnect. This session will discuss the ways IOUs are trying to make the experience smoother, including PG&E’s innovative vehicle to grid pilot and SDG&E's Builder's Express program. This session will also include Sunrun sharing additional best practices to enable customer adoption and more efficient utility processes. 

Lauren Nevitt, Senior Director of Public Policy - Sunrun
Chris Moris, Chief Grid Architect - PG&E
Giovanna Casillas, Manager | Service & Project Planning - SDG&E
Whitman Fulton, Chief Product Officer - ConnectDER
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