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How to unlock the value of smart meter data in the cloud

June 26, 2024
Plaza Ballroom III
Virtual power plants , Electric vehicle and the grid , Utility-scale

8:30-9:15 AM PST

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From data to action!  In the world of utility data, none may be more valuable to the modern energy system than smart meter data.  With modern technology solutions and the cloud, the world has changed in terms of what can be done with this data to fundamentally shift the use cases in how utilities can use smart meter data to drive their operations and business; to help them deal with the challenges created by the integration of renewables and electrification. 

In this session, we will hear perspectives from Dean Van Gerrevink, GM of Smart Meter solutions with Vector Technology Solutions, with a compelling perspective and set of use cases from Vector in Australia and New Zealand where they are facing energy transition challenges similar to California and other parts of the US.

Dean Van Gerrevink, General Manager - Diverge - Vector Technology Solutions (VTS)
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