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Peer-to-peer roundtable: Distributed fiber optic sensing technology for electric power generation, transmission, & distribution networks

June 25, 2024
Pacific Room
Utility-scale , System planning

10:30-11:15 AM PST

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Rising demand for efficient and reliable grid operations, coupled with new regulatory requirements including FERC-881, are challenging power grid operators to implement accurate, real-time monitoring for numerous aspects of their network from power generation through to customer delivery.  Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) technologies provide effective and reliable tools to generate and produce the data required enabling regulatory compliance, circuit reliability, and prompt, accurate detection of hazards to infrastructure elements, while ensuring transmission circuit operation at safe ampacity levels. 

This session will focus on the feature-function-benefits to grid operations utilizing fiber optic sensing, discuss implementation models & pilot trials, and review case studies for live projects encompassing both US based and global power utility providers.

Michael Montgomery, Director, Applications Engineering - AP Sensing Americas
Kevin Bradley, Managing Director, Americas - AP Sensing Americas
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