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Peer-to-peer roundtable: Harnessing AI for the future grid: Opportunities and challenges

June 25, 2024
Pacific Room
Electric vehicle and the grid , Utility-scale

11:30-12:15 PM PST

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Join industry experts and thought leaders for a dynamic roundtable discussion on the transformative potential of AI in grid operations. Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionize utility grid architecture, offering unprecedented enhancements in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. This session will delve into key areas and use cases, including grid operations, system planning, and asset management. As the demand for electrification grows and the ecosystem of distributed energy resources becomes more complex, AI will be critical in managing and optimizing the grid of the future. Engage in insightful conversations and uncover actionable strategies to leverage AI for a smarter, more resilient energy grid.  This session will focus on the current landscape of AI applications for the grid and highlight key areas where AI can and should be deployed to support grid operations, planning, and management.

Brenden Russell, Principal Manager, Technology Strategy - Southern California Edison
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