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The GridTECH team strives to create an experience that is cleaner and more sustainable from start to finish. Our mission is to impact change through our conference programming as well as our event planning processes and onsite practices wherever possible. Our team and our vendors are committed to mitigating environmental impacts and supporting social change whenever and wherever we hold GridTECH today and in the future. We will be using ‘green’ carpet options in general and Clarion show areas which are made of recyclable materials.

Climate Change & Water

The Hyatt Regency promotes sustainability by using low-flow water fixtures, energy-efficient LED lighting, and implementing practices like scheduling heating and cooling based on operational reports. Guests are encouraged to participate in voluntary towel and sheet reuse programs, opt for lower-impact décor options, and use water stations instead of pre-filled glasses at events. Additionally, hydration stations are provided in common areas, and staff receive regular training on water conservation practices.

Recycling and Composting 

The Hyatt Regency adopts sustainable practices by eliminating plastic straws, implementing a recycling program, composting food waste and landscape clippings, and using recycled content for in-room dining containers. Additionally, they encourage eco-friendly habits such as large-format amenity dispensers, reusable key card boxes, paperless check-out with emailed folios, and digital availability of menus and collateral, minimizing printed materials unless requested. Reports are conveniently accessible through Planner.

Material and Food

Together with the Hyatt Regency, we will ensure that extra food and promotional items do not go to waste. 

Hyatt's food is thoughtfully sourced and carefully served. Food menus are selected, which has the added benefit of streamlining ingredients and reducing food waste.

City of Newport Beach, CA


Newport Beach, CA, embodies a commitment to sustainability with a Zero Waste mantra emphasizing reuse, recycle, and reduce, alongside green spaces and a bike share program promoting eco-friendly transportation. Walkable destinations, preferred parking for car pools, and electric charging stations further support sustainable mobility. Additionally, a Buy Local campaign fosters community support for local businesses while reducing miles driven, and a Clean Boating plan helps mitigate the environmental impact of boats on air and water quality.