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Bridging the gap: Why distribution and transmission system planning is critical for DER deployment

October 24, 2023
Salon III/IV

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With the increasing deployment of distributed energy resources in the Northeast, it has become more important than ever to ensure that both distribution and transmission system planning are integrated and aligned. This session will discuss how utilities, regulators, and developers can work together to ensure that DERs are optimally integrated into the grid, while balancing the needs of both distribution and transmission systems. The session will also explore the potential benefits of a more integrated approach to DER planning, such as improved reliability, increased renewable energy integration, and cost savings for utilities, developers, and customers.

Brian Fitzsimons, CEO - GridUnity
Mike DeSocio, Founder and CEO - Luminary Energy, LLC
Sam Evans-Brown, Executive Director - Clean Energy New Hampshire
Joe White, Distributed Generation Ombudsman - Con Edison
Alan McBride, Director, Transmission Services and Resource Qualification - ISO New England
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