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Finding balance in grid upgrade cost sharing

October 24, 2023
Salon III/IV

The electric grid is evolving to facilitate a decentralized system, but costly infrastructure upgrades threaten the proliferation of DERs. How can utilities and developers use cost-sharing solutions to address grid upgrade needs and facilitate the buildout out of DERs? The session will focus on the cost-sharing process outlined in Massachusetts Dept. of Public Utilities Docket 20-75, as well as the resulting Capital Investment Project proposals from Eversource and National Grid. Additionally, the session will explore how other Northeast states, like Rhode Island, are approaching the cost share debate.

Richard Labrecque, Director of Interconnection and Utility Affairs - Agilitas Energy
Gerhard Walker, Manager Advanced Forecasting and Modeling - Eversource
Kathy Castro, Director of Engineering and Asset Management - Rhode Island Energy
Philip L. Bartlett II, J.D., Chairman - Maine Public Utilities Commission
Ed Brolin, VP, Distributed Government Relations & Policy Development - RWE Clean Energy
Michael Porcaro, PE, Director, Innovative Grid Solutions & Distributed Generation Ombudsperson - National Grid
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