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VPP’s: Delivering value for customers, the climate, and the grid

October 24, 2023
Salon I/II

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Join session panelists to learn about the mechanics and real-world deployments of a virtual power plant. The recently launched FLEXmarkets represent a significant re-imagining of deploying behind-the-meter resources to meet grid and climate goals. 

See how those results underscore the importance of open source, meter-based, pay-for-performance programs to achieve and unlock the power of the market to lower baseload, flatten the peak, create local jobs, and deliver real ratepayer value.  

The speed with which utilities and load serving entities have been able to launch and scale FLEXmarkets in less than a year is proof that a market based on measured performance and total system benefits is far more viable, scalable, and has the potential to unlock hundreds of millions of dollars in avoided cost savings across the northeast.


Carmen Best, CPO - Recurve
Amy Findlay, P.E., Manager, Demand Response and Managed EV Charging - Eversource Energy
Colin Clark, Director of FLEXMarkets - Recurve
David Kolata, VP of Policy - Sealed
Josh Ryor, Managing Director - Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA)
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