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The GridTECH team strives to create an experience that is cleaner and more sustainable from start to finish. Our mission is to impact change through our conference programming as well as our event planning processes and onsite practices wherever possible. Our team and our vendors are committed to mitigating environmental impacts and supporting social change whenever and wherever we hold GridTECH today and in the future. We will be using ‘green’ carpet options in general and Clarion show areas which are made of recyclable materials.

Reduced Printing and Digital Signage 

  • Less paper/printing   
  • Material we use – honeycomb, vinyl, 3M Clings, and fabric
  • Show common areas use sustainable recycled carpet 
  • Badges are recyclable and will not include plastic badge holders

Recycling and Composting 

Recycling and waste bins are placed throughout the Newport Marriott for glass, metal, and cardboard. 

Energy and Efficiency

The Newport Marriott decreases the waste of any single-use items. Housekeeping uses refillable bottles for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

Throughout the hotel, natural lighting is incorporated and several water stations are set up to limit the use of bottled water. 

Material and Food

Together with the Marriott, we will ensure that extra food and promotional items do not go to waste by donating to local organizations and shelters.