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Changing the conversation: pathways to value-sharing, cost allocation & more

February 06, 2023
With growing interconnection queues and the associated delays, plus cost prohibitive upgrades increasingly stopping residential and utility scale projects in their tracks, join us to hear from innovators that can change these conversations. By examining cost allocation challenges, including exploring how storage and customer flexibility can provide value-sharing, our panelists will highlight solutions for cooperation and improved relationships. Panelist will share examples and innovative ideas that can bridge stakeholder divides and help catalyze investments for a clean, equitable, and just grid.
Josie Van Atta, Senior Director, Project Engineering and Analysis - Pivot Energy
Radina Valova, Regulatory Vice President - Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
Ammar Qusaibaty, i2X Co-lead, Solar Energy Technologies Office - U.S. Department of Energy
Jeremiah Miller, Sr. Tech Lead, Energy Services - Sense  
Aram Shumavon, CEO - Kevala
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