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KnowledgeBridge™️: FERC 2222: Harness the power of data sharing to usher in the renewable future

February 06, 2023
FERC 2222 is driving industry disruption, requiring utilities and energy providers to adapt to evolving business models. In this increasingly connected future, a new ‘datasphere’ will emerge, placing increasing importance on shared access to real-time, reliable data. As your organization thinks about the energy future and the increasing value of data, what would your dream data set look like?

Join us for a roundtable discussion as we dive into the new ‘datasphere’. What does and should data sharing look like in the future? What data is most valuable to your organization? How should the data flow, and what considerations should be made for accessing the rich data below the meter? How can we work together, adhering to FERC 2222, while ensuring future success?
Dave Roberts, Chief Business Development Officer - Power Factors
Dr. Xing Wang, Global Leader of Grid Modernization - AWS Energy and Utilities

Sponsored by:

Power Factors

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