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Peer-to-peer roundtable discussion | How to unlock the value of smart meter data in the cloud

February 26, 2024
GridTECH SE 24

11:30 - 12:15 PM ET

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“Data is the new oil” – Clive Humby.  In the world of utility data, none may be more valuable than the smart meter consumption data.  With modern technology solutions and the cloud, the world has changed regarding what can be done with this data to fundamentally shift the use cases in how utilities can use smart meter data to drive their operations and business.  In this session, we will hear perspectives from Dean Van Gerrevink, GM of Smart Meter Solutions with Vector, AWS senior cloud engineers, and global energy specialist Tim Stafford from Slalom Consulting.  The trio will provide a compelling perspective and set of use cases from Vector and other utilities that are doing groundbreaking technology solutions.


Mark Hunter, Head of Engineering – Amazon Industry Products New Zealand - AWS
Dean Van Gerrevink, General Manager - Diverge - Vector Technology Solutions (VTS)
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