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The four C’s: Optimizing for comfort, control, cost, and carbon in home heating, cooling, and hot water

February 26, 2024
GridTECH SE 24

9:40 - 10:25 AM ET

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In this session, we will explore the world’s most climate-friendly electrified home heating solution and the future of thermal storage. Using advanced controls, Harvest smart units can draw power from the grid when renewable energy is available, and store it in a home’s hot water tank until the house needs it. This conversation will discuss how we can achieve greater use of renewables across the grid, and generate significant savings for ratepayers by optimizing for comfort, control, cost, and carbon. Harvest’s Co-founder and Head of Product and Operations Pierre Delforge will speak about the company’s groundbreaking technology in a fireside chat with Ben Wolkon, cofounding partner of MUUS Climate Partners, an investor in Harvest.


Ben Wolkon, Partner - MUUS Climate Partners
Pierre Delforge, Co-Founder & Head of Product and Operations - Harvest Thermal
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