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The GridTECH team strives to create an experience that is cleaner and more sustainable from start to finish. Our mission is to impact change through our conference programming as well as our event planning processes and onsite practices wherever possible. Our team and our vendors are committed to mitigating environmental impacts and supporting social change whenever and wherever we hold GridTECH today and in the future. We will be using ‘green’ carpet options in general and Clarion show areas which are made of recyclable materials.

Reduced Printing and Digital Signage 

  • Less paper/printing   
  • Material we use – honeycomb, vinyl, 3M Clings, and fabric
  • Show common areas use sustainable recycled carpet 
  • Badges are recyclable and will not include plastic badge holders

Recycling and Composting 

The Orange County Convention Center works with clients and contractors to reduce event waste by 53% since 2004.

Their recycling and waste bins on campus were made from used plastic milk jugs and 100% solar energy.

To continue their dedication to this cause, we have committed to only offering compostable cutlery at the event.

The venue also composts onsite! 

Energy and Efficiency

The Orange County Convention Center incorporates natural lighting, advanced technology and employee ingenuity to achieve buildings which are 87% more energy efficient per square foot than similar buildings.

Material and Food

Together with the convention center, we will ensure that extra food and promotional items do not go to waste by donating to local organizations, for more information, please visit here.

Actively participate by donating unwanted materials such as lanyards and booth items. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to local causes, fostering a greener and more socially responsible event. Consider donating excess branded merchandise or promotional items, like pens and reusable bags, to give these items a second life and support our collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

Identified water refill stations throughout the convention center to allow for easy water bottle refill. 

Additionally, GridTECH is proud to announce that a minimum of 10% of all food and beverages at our event will be donated to local organizations, contributing to the well-being of our community. 

Carbon Offset Credits

Carbon offsets let you help build projects in communities across the country that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond what you can achieve through individual action. Through registration, we offer the ability to purchase carbon offset credits through our partnership with TerraPass to fund these projects and diminish the impact of your own GHG emissions, even though the projects are located elsewhere. Plus, contributors will receive a special icon on their badge to indicate their donation.