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Angelo Campus

Angelo Campus

Founder, CEO, BoxPower Inc.

Angelo Campus has spent 10 years working on BoxPower Inc. and its precursor research projects. Originally the lead designer, Angelo has held almost every role at BoxPower and now leads sales and forward-looking technology. Angelo is a 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 listmaker, 2019 Halcyon Fellow, 2019 GSBI Fellow, DRK Entrepreneur,  2017 Echoing Green Climate Fellow and 2017 Princeton Tiger Entrepreneur Award winner.

Angelo graduated magna cum laude from Princeton in 2016, where he designed an independent major combining civil engineering and anthropology, where he focused on renewable energy technologies and business models for rural electrification. Outside of work you can find him climbing rocks, repairing his VW van, or tending to his new chickens.