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Anna Brockway

Anna Brockway

Advisor, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planning, Southern California Edison

Anna Brockway is an Advisor on Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning at Southern California Edison, where she leads efforts focused on integrating considerations related to climate change into company planning and decision-making. This includes translating results from SCE’s first Climate Adaptation Vulnerability Assessment into investment requests and system planning processes, as well as continuing to develop and refine methodologies by which electric utilities can assess system vulnerabilities and adapt to ongoing and projected climate stresses. Anna’s work has also focused on understanding community resilience needs and integrating resilience-focused equity metrics into climate-driven investment planning. Anna started her energy career working on solar energy policy at the U.S. Department of Energy, where she grew interested in how the electric grid could help enable a clean energy transition. Anna holds a PhD in Energy and Resources and an MS in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley. Anna wrote her dissertation on how climate change and separately, distributed energy resources and load growth will impact the grid and how utilities and regulators can more prudently plan in light of these stressors.