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Ed Burgess

Ed Burgess

Policy Director, Vehicle Grid Integration Council (VGIC)

As Consulting Partner, Ed is a leader within Strategen’s Consulting Services group, where he oversees a large portion of the firm’s utility practice and technical services. This includes work specializing in the evaluation and design of programs and plans to advance the grid integration of renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, and distributed energy resources. Ed also helped launch and now serves as Policy Director for the Vehicle-Grid Integration Council. While at Strategen, he has provided expert testimony on over 27 occasions before 11 state utility commissions on issues including utility resource planning, transmission planning, fuel and power purchase costs, rate design, and electric vehicle programs. 

Prior to joining Strategen, Ed worked as an independent consultant, where he provided technical analysis to an Arizona-based law firm and supported the firm’s clients in cases before the Arizona Corporation Commission. He also worked at Schlegel & Associates, where his technical analyses on demand-side management policies led to billions of dollars in new energy efficiency investment in Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and several other states. He began his career working on environmental policy at the Environmental Defense Fund in New York.

Ed earned his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Princeton University. He also holds a Master of Science (M.S.) in Sustainability and Professional Science Master (P.S.M.) of Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization from Arizona State University.