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Marley Cross

Marley Cross

Senior Power System Engineer, Sound Grid Partners
Marley Cross is a power systems engineer in analytics at Sound Grid Partners, where she provides a suite of services in analytics and engineering.  Marley previously worked as a solar performance analyst at Nexamp, where she built tools to maximize performance of distributed solar and storage resources. In this role, she designed analyses to optimize plant availability and troubleshot underperformance. She commissioned and troubleshot data acquisition system (DAS) equipment, and developed new workflows to streamline project hand-off during commissioning. She conducted performance testing and reporting, automating the performance testing process into a web-based tool that reduced manual analysis.  As a Quantitative Intern at Optimal Energy, Marley developed tools to compare costs and savings of energy efficiency resources to inform Rhode Island’s three-year energy efficiency planning process. Marley holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and environmental studies from Brown University