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Myra Sinnott

Myra Sinnott

Senior Project Development Manager/Head of Interconnection, Delorean Power
Myra brings over 15 years of experience in the energy technology and policy fields to the development team, working to originate and develop projects with municipal utilities and investor-owned utilities mainly in the Northeast. She also serves as Delorean’s interconnection lead and supports pilot projects in rural communities, partnering with the Department of Energy and the National Labs. Prior to joining Delorean, Myra was the interconnection policy lead at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Additionally, she worked as a consultant to support Department of Defense renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and the Department of Energy and National Labs industrial energy efficiency programs. Myra holds a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment.