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Ryan Constable

Ryan Constable

Manager, Distribution Planning, Rhode Island Energy
Ryan Constable has more than 25 years of power engineering experience covering a broad spectrum of engineering, management, planning, design, and operational issues, including the installation of submarine transmission cables and long-range capacity planning. His current role at Rhode Island Energy is in the Distribution Planning and Asset Management group where he manages a 10 person team. This team plans and initiates the electric infrastructure to provide safe, efficient, and reliable electric service throughout Rhode Island. Ryan is also personally involved in strategic company efforts towards electric grid modernization and clean energy initiatives. Prior to his employment at Rhode Island Energy, Ryan was involved in a similar role at National Grid working in Central and Western Massachusetts. Prior to National Grid, he was with Brookfield Renewable Power Company where he was involved in transmission system development for the Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) effort. The CREZ effort was focused on building transmission infrastructure to enable over 18 gigawatts of wind generation in West Texas. Prior to his employment at Brookfield, he was involved in the permitting, construction, and operation of the Cross Sound Cable Project with the Cross Sound Cable Company and TransÉnergie U.S. This system was an industry leading 24-mile merchant transmission cable installed between Connecticut (ISO-NE) and Long Island, NY (NYISO). Prior to his employment with TransÉnergie U.S., Mr. Constable performed a variety of utility project management and engineering roles for the Massachusetts Electric Company from April 1994 to September 2000.