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Shay Banton

Shay Banton

Regulatory Program Engineer and Energy Justice Policy Advocate, IREC

Shay Banton (they/them) is a Regulatory Program Engineer and Energy Justice Policy Advocate at IREC, specializing in grid integration technology and policy since 2017. In their current role, they lead the development of a regulatory framework for evaluating inequities within DER interconnection processes and are co-authoring an innovative integrated distribution planning guidebook for prioritizing equity-centered, climate-resilient distribution system investments. This past year, they consulted for the non-profit Just Solutions, where they co-authored a technical report on the community resilience applications, economic feasibility, and environmental justice concerns of state-of-the-art long-duration energy storage technologies. One of Shay’s most significant career accomplishments was during their time with the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office, where they co-led the development of one of the agency’s most ambitious interagency programs aimed at addressing nationwide interconnection challenges, the Interconnection Innovation eXchange.

Shay holds a B.S. in Systems Science and Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Energy Policy and Climate from Johns Hopkins University. One day, they hope to work in international energy policy by supporting the equitable energy transitions of developing nations.