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Whitman Fulton

Whitman Fulton

Chief Product Officer, ConnectDER

Whit Fulton is a recognized executive, entrepreneur, market analyst, and speaker who has spent his 25-year career at the leading edge of how we produce, deliver, and transact Clean Energy. Previously CEO, Whit founded and currently serves as Chief Product Officer of ConnectDER, a technology company that creates products that simplify grid integration for Solar and other distributed energy resources.

In prior roles, Whit honed his analysis, negotiation and product development skills through a series of senior managerial positions in energy analytics and gridtech startups, including ICF International and Gridpoint. He has built complex power dispatch models to simulate market conditions for multiple global markets, negotiated enterprise licensing agreements with multinational strategic vendors, and deployed new gridtech products with utilities across the US.

In addition to holding multiple patents, Whit has a B.A. from Reed College, and an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University.